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Who Has the Fastest Internet Connection in the World?

Who Has the Fastest Internet Connection in the World?

In the event that you live in the United States, you may feel that your Internet is quick. All things considered, you currently approach films and TV appears on request, top notch gushing music, and sites that heap quickly. It is highly unlikely we don’t have the quickest Internet on the planet, isn’t that so?

That is the place you’d not be right. Super off-base.

As an office that depends on the Internet for each part of our work, we were interested to perceive how our speed contrasted with others around the globe – and we were shocked by what we found.

Look at this infographic to discover which nations have the quickest Internet speeds, how the US piles up, and where you should move in the event that you need the quickest download speeds (or the least expensive broadband!) on the planet.

South Korea has the quickest Internet on the planet


At a normal association speed of 25.3 Megabits every second (Mbps), South Korea has the quickest Internet speed on the planet. Tweet this detail!

South Koreans appreciate the quickest broadband Internet by a wide margin. The whole top 10 rundown resembles this:

  1. South Korea — 25.3 Mbps
  2. Hong Kong — 16.3 Mbps
  3. Japan — 15 Mbps
  4. Switzerland — 14.5 Mbps
  5. Sweden — 14.1 Mbps
  6. Netherlands — 14 Mbps
  7. Ireland — 13.9 Mbps
  8. Latvia — 13.4 Mbps
  9. Czech Republic — 12.3 Mbps
  10. Singapore — 12.2 Mbps

Notice the United States is absent from that rundown. So how does the U.S. stack up?

The normal US association speed is 11.5 Mbps

The normal Internet association speed in the United States is 11.5 Mbps, more slow than Latvia, Singapore, and the Czech Republic. Tweet this detail!

11.5 Mbps isn’t sufficient to get the US in the main ten, yet considering the overall Internet association normal just passed 4 Mbps, this isn’t terrible. Truth be told, as you’ll see underneath, numerous states have normal association speeds higher than the national normal, on account of the expanding accessibility of quicker choices like Google Fiber and Verizon FiOS.

The state with the quickest broadband Internet is Delaware

Need the quickest Internet in the United States? Move to Delaware, where they appreciate a normal association of 17.4 Mbps. Tweet this detail!

Delaware’s no South Korea, yet speed tests show that its normal Internet speeds are quicker than the remainder of the United States — and the remainder of the world! Truth be told, the following state on the rundown, Washington, is even tied with Hong Kong for the second quickest Internet speeds on Earth.

Extra rapid areas on this rundown incorporate Connecticut, Utah, Washington, D.C., and Virginia.

South Korea likewise has the quickest mobile Internet


At a normal association speed of 18.2 Mbps, South Korea has the quickest mobile Internet speed on the planet. Tweet this detail!

How about we move our concentrate away from home Internet access for a minute and investigate mobile. Do you think the United States has quick mobile Internet get to? Here’s the main 10:

  1. South Korea — 18.2 Mbps
  2. Slovakia — 10.9 Mbps
  3. Singapore — 9.1 Mbps
  4. Joined Kingdom — 8.1 Mbps
  5. Denmark — 7.9 Mbps
  6. Canada — 7.9 Mbps
  7. Sweden — 7.3 Mbps
  8. Ukraine — 7.3 Mbps
  9. France — 7.1 Mbps
  10. Russia — 7 Mbps

The US has the eighteenth quickest portable Internet

South Korea’s portable associations normal 18.2 Mbps; the US normal is just 5.8 Mbps.

OK, ouch. We’ve surely made considerable progress from the times of perusing messages on 2″ high contrast Blackberry screens, yet this is a truly large complexity based on what’s accessible in the remainder of the world. Singapore’s mobile broadband speed times in at 9.1 Mbps, while South Korea appreciates a rapid 18.2 Mbps — higher than the United States’ non-portable broadband normal.

Our portable Internet might be quick — the eighteenth quickest around the world — yet contrasted with what is accessible in the far East, it should be dial-up!

In Vietnam, mobile Internet clients stand by not exactly a second for pages to stack

In the US, the normal page load time on mobile is 4.44 seconds. In Vietnam, that heap time is just 0.68 seconds! Tweet this detail!

To what extent do you trust that pages will stack on your work area? What about on your telephone? In the US, the normal broadband burden time is 2.82 seconds, while on portable it’s about 4.44 seconds.

In Japan, broadband clients just need to trust that pages will stack on broadband. Furthermore, in Vietnam, mobile pages come up in under a second. Fortunate ducks.

Then again, Brazil gets the worst part of the deal: it takes about 6.63 seconds for pages to stack on broadband, and just about 10 seconds on portable.

The quickest (and least expensive) fiber Internet is accessible in Romania

Hellovision in Seoul, South Korea, and RCS and RDS in Bucharest, Romania offers the quickest and most reasonable 1GBS fiber Internet at around $26-$32 every month. Tweet this detail!

Alongside the economical and expedient gigabit Internet accessible in Romania and South Korea, Tokyo additionally has comparable plans accessible for under $50 USD every month.

In any case, cost doesn’t constantly approach esteem: Verizon’s fiber Internet plan in Los Angeles costs around $300 every month, except the speed is just around 500 Mbps — that is, half of what is offered on different plans. Furthermore, in Bristol, England, you can get gigabit Internet… yet it’ll cost you over $300!

Google Fiber, the Internet plan gradually being turned out in urban communities over the United States, costs under $100 every month for gigabit speeds. While the pace is moderate, numerous urban areas are engaging the telecom mammoths. As Google Fiber and new gigabit web choices spread all through the nation, Comcast and Verizon should grapple with the challenge.